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Providing Telehealth in NY & NJ for individuals, couples and families navigating life's challenges and transitions. 

My Mission

I believe our greatest challenges can serve as our greatest opportunities for personal growth, fulfillment and happiness. As the founder of Illume Psychotherapy it is my mission to provide culturally competent individual, couples and family therapy throughout all stages of life that is both compassionate and directive. I will work with you through the challenges you face and support you in creating the life, relationships and state of being you want and deserve. Together we will explore insights, address root causes, and increase awareness all in an effort to meet your goals. 

Research has shown talk therapy can lead to positive changes in the brain and can be just as effective as medication in treating mental health issues and preventing relapse in the future.

Evidence based approaches such as EMDR, Hypnotherapy and Meditation, can address and reduce the impact of traumatic events and alleviate conditions such as depression, tension, anxiety, stress and chronic pain.


Illume Psychotherapy is specialty focused in 3 areas: 

Individuals managing chronic illness/health diagnoses (cancer, autoimmune disorders, Lyme disease...) and COVID recovery; as well as, anxiety, depression, panic attacks, self-harming behaviors, life transitions (grief/loss, isolation, school and/or career struggles, separation/divorce) emotional & physical abuse and the impact of past/present traumas.  

Couples struggling with communication, infidelity, power dynamics, intimacy, sex, relationship ambivalence and those contemplating or in the midst of separation/divorce.

Families (all ages) facing challenges with communication, sibling discord, parenting, childrens' behavioral issues, divorce/separation, crisis of a family member, grief/loss and conflict. 

About Stacia & Illume

Your present day challenges, experiences and history are unique to you. I offer a tailored client-center approach to treatment incorporating my intensive training in marriage & family therapy and psychodynamic methods with my experience and training in EMDR, hypnotherapy, CBT, trauma informed therapies, EFT for couples, attachment based modalities, mindfulness and yogic studies. With warmth, encouragement and collaboration I provide a supportive space from which you can explore your authentic self and connect to your optimal potential as you move toward the change and healing you seek. 

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Group Therapy & Workshops


Are you experiencing any of the following? 

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • stress

  • panic attacks

  • grief/loss

  • life transitions

  • sexual assault

  • difficulty coping

  • PTSD/trauma

  • unexplained physical symptoms

  • chronic illness/ health diagnosis

  • family conflict

  • pre-marital concerns

  • behavioral issues

  • sibling conflict

  • relationship issues

  • intimacy issues

  • communication issues

  • parenting struggles

  • healing from emotional abuse

  • a desire for support around sexual / gender identity 

  • contemplating and navigating separation or divorce

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