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Mental Health Therapy Services 

Complimentary Phone Consultation 

15 Min; no cost

Ensuring we take care of ourselves is fundamental to our own happiness and fulfillment. It also impacts our ability to be truly present for others. Oftentimes this self-care means seeking individual therapy for support.

As your individual therapist I will provide you with:

  • A safe, compassionate, non-judgmental space 

  • The opportunity to explore and set concrete goals

  • An awareness of thoughts, beliefs and their impact

  • Supportive space to explore and process traumas (past and present)

  • Insightful connections and healing

  • Increased understanding of roles and relationships 

  • Assistance with coping skills and self-regulating behaviors

  • Encouragement in finding your voice and connecting with your authentic self

You may decide to seek out individual therapy if you are struggling with: life transitions, anxiety, depression, panic, grief/loss, trauma, communication issues, sexuality, self-worth, gender, relationships, or parenting.

Couples Therapy

While our modern world and culture frequently underscore individuality and independence it is our relationships and connections that remain a cornerstone of our health, happiness and humanity.

As your couples therapist I will assist you with: ​​

  • Fostering tolerance and compassion for yourself and others

  • Developing increased communication and flexibility

  • Exploring how past experiences are impacting your present relationship

  • Increase awareness of unhelpful patterns and your unique relationship 'dance'

  • Look at attachment styles and behaviors and how they play into your relationship dynamic

  • Support and promote healing relationship behaviors

  • Create a a space for you to be heard and seen

You may decide to seek out couples therapy if you are struggling with relationship conflicts, infidelity, communication difficulties, intimacy issues, family crisis, behavioral issues, concerns with children & adolescents, parenting conflicts, pre-marital counseling, and when contemplating, preparing for, or post separation/divorce. 

Family Therapy 

When family issues arise it can not only affect all areas of your life but the lives of each family member as well. If your family is going through a difficult time whether it be: anxiety, depression, stress, grief, anger, behavioral issues or trauma, family therapy can truly make a difference.  

Do you see children and adolescents?

Yes, as part of the family.

It is often the case that one or more family members are outwardly exhibiting symptoms that are not only impacting the entire family but related to the family system.  For this reason I see children and adolescents as part of the family system and require parents/guardians to be an active participant in treatment. I do see children and adolescents individually if therapeutically appropriate and parental/guardian involvement is agreed upon.  

As your family therapist I will assist with: 

  • Improving parent child communication

  • Fostering sibling connection and communication

  • Supporting positive coping and self-regulation skills

  • Reducing stress, managing change and repairing relationships

  • Addressing behavioral issues and impact of self-harming behaviors

  • Promote trauma process and healing power of the family unit

You may decide to seek family therapy if there are difficulties between family members, problems in school, children's behavioral issues, family member's illness or death, separation or divorce, sibling conflict, a family members mental illness, substance use or addiction, and sexual trauma or other traumatic event. 

EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing 

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing or EMDR has been empirically validated in numerous studies as an effective psychotherapy method to assist individuals in healing from trauma and distressing life events. EMDR is an evidence-based therapy designed to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories and promote the brain's natural healing process. 

Treatment with EMDR has been proven to:

  • Relieve distress associated with negative experiences

  • Reformulate negative beliefs

  • Reduce physiological arousal/symptoms affiliated with traumatic event

  • Enables healing from symptoms and emotional distress that are the result of disturbing life experiences. 

  • Effective in treating 'Big T' traumas which include: events seen as traumatic such as war, repeated abuse & neglect, sexual assault, serious accidents, and life threatening illness.

  • Effective in treating 'Small t' traumas which are: associated with emotions & physical sensations that occur in the body and mind, overwhelming but often not seen as traumatic

  • To address and relieve stress, depression, and anxiety which are often affiliated with unresolved 'big T' and 'small t' traumas. 


Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is a widely recognized tool through which via a deep state of relaxation we can gain access to realms of our unconscious mind and in turn our inner resources, creativity, and wisdom. Through this explorative process I support my clients in uncovering and leaning into their own unique and personal resources which can be utilized in managing challenges, effecting change and making decisions.

You may decide to seek hypnotherapy if you are looking to:

  • Resolve inner conflicts

  • Prepare for an upcoming event or anxiety inducing situation 

  • Enhance your creativity

  • Optimize your ability to problem solve

  • Free yourself from unwanted habits

  • Manage pain

  • Increase inner calm during difficult times

  • Find a deeper more empowered connection with yourself

Group Therapy & Workshops

Though formats and focuses vary, group therapy and workshops ulilize the power of connectedness and community.  They promote self-awareness and the opportunity to learn from and share with others in a non-judgmental, safe environment, leaving members feeling empowered and supported. 

Groups and Workshops include:

  • Covid Support Group for those who lost loved ones.  Adults 18+  

  • Cultivating Compassion for the Self during COVID workshop for Wing Women Event 2/25/21.

Individual Psychotherapy
Couples Therapy
Group Therapy & Workshops
Family Therapy
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